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Daily Norseman Fantasy Football Coming Soon!

If you'll recall, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that there was going to be a Daily Norseman fantasy football league again this season, similar to the one we had last year.  The time for the sign-ups is getting closer, so let me explain how the process is going to work.

The league is going to be a 12-team league.  One of the teams is going to belong to me.  Five spots are going to go to folks that have been long-time readers of this site, frequent commenters, and so forth.  I will e-mail those folks personally (or get in contact with them in some other way) and give them the information to sign up for the league.  The other six spots will be totally up for grabs.  Sometime next week, after I make sure that all of the folks with reserved spots have gotten their teams in, I'll put the sign-up link out here on the site, and anyone that's interested will be able to apply for a team.  There will be a deadline for applications, although I'm not 100% sure as to when that deadline will be.

After the deadline has passed, the folks that run the site that will be hosting our league (as well as the leagues for many of the other SBNation sites) will take all of the applications from folks that applied to be part of the Daily Norseman fantasy football league and select six people to fill the remaining six slots.

If you don't get one of those six random slots, fear not. . .for if there is enough interest, I will open another league.  I don't know if I'll have a team in a second league. . .I'll have enough darn teams to run the way it is. . .but I will open up a second league if enough people show enough interest.

There will be a prize (or prizes) for the winner (or winners) again this year.  It might not be quite as ritzy as last year's prize, but last year was a simpler time, things were cheaper, stuff like that.  But, hey, a prize is better than no prize, is it not?

So, everybody keep your eyes peeled for that.  I'll be sending messages to the people that have spots reserved in the league sometime over the course of the weekend.  We'll see everybody back here tomorrow!