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Vikings Trimming Down the Roster

In an effort to get the roster down before the rookies start signing and before camp starts, the Vikings have released a few players that, really, didn't have much of a shot at making the roster anyway.

A couple of days ago, the Vikings released a couple of rookie free agent defensive backs in Marcus Griffin and Travis Key.  Griffin was listed as a safety, while Key was listed as a cornerback.  With some of the Vikings' other signings and draft picks this season, as well as their depth at the position to begin with, both players were facing a real uphill battle to make the roster, and now have a chance to latch on somewhere else.

Today came the release of someone that I thought the Vikings might attempt to sneak onto the practice squad, that being QB Kyle Wright.  Wright, a highly touted quarterback coming out of high school who followed that up with four seasons of jack squat at the University of Miami, didn't have a real chance of making the Vikings' roster, even with the perceived lack of talent the Beloved Purple possess at the quarterback position.  I'm not sure what kind of future Wright has in the NFL, but he could probably fill a practice squad spot and/or hold a clipboard somewhere.

And, with that bit of excitement, we've exhausted the Vikings' news for today.  I promise that I will attempt to get back into the roster projection here before too much longer. . .if not tomorrow, then over the 4-day weekend I have coming for sure.  We'll see you back here tomorrow regardless, and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!