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OMG The Vikings Haven't Signed Any Draft Picks Yet!

Yes, with the start of Training Camp a mere 36 hours away and the first practice about 72 hours away or so (not that anyone's really counting, are they?), the Vikings have not yet signed any of their five picks from April's NFL Draft.  However, according to the good folks at Access Vikings, the Vikings and agents for several of their draft picks exchanged numbers today.

I have no reason to believe that the Vikings will have any problem getting any of their players signed.  For starters, four of their five picks were selected in either the fifth or sixth round, so they're really in no position to hold out.  The one player that went earlier than that, Tyrell Johnson, really doesn't strike me as the diva type that would have a prolonged holdout.  I fully expect the Beloved Purple to start that first practice on Friday with a full squad of players.

Remain calm. . .all is well!

Tomorrow, we'll more than likely finish up the roster projection, and I'm even throwing a bit of an interactive element into the mix for everyone to voice their opinion on.  So don't worry about the draft picks, and we'll see you back here then!