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Straight From the Horse's Mouth

This today from Peter King's article about Brett Favre not reporting to Green Bay's training camp today:

The Green Bay quarterback also flatly denied the Minnesota Vikings had tampered with him as he considered whether to return to play earlier this month. He said he talked to Vikings coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, but he said he talks to both men and text-messages them often, as well as to other NFL coaches in and out of season.

Bevell coached the Green Bay quarterbacks from 2003-05, while Childress spent a lot of time in Green Bay studying the Packers offense as a University of Wisconsin assistant in the mid-1990s.

But that may not be enough to prevent the league from finding the Vikings guilty of tampering. Favre was interviewed this week by the league's vice president of security, Milt Ahlerich, about the Packers' belief that the Vikings tampered.

"I have no qualms about admitting I talked to them,'' Favre said. "Talking with Milt, he said, 'Brett, did they entice you?' I said no, 'I don't need to be enticed anywhere.' They absolutely did not entice me to come to Minnesota.''

Well, then. . .sounds pretty simple from where I sit.  Maybe now we can stop focusing on the Vikings "tampering" with Brett Favre and/or Favre ever coming to Minnesota.  Now the focus can shift to what sort of penalty Ted Thompson and the Packers should be receiving for wasting the Vikings' time, wasting the league's time, and lying to the general public about this entire situation.

Honestly, this should pretty much put a cap on the entire thing.  There isn't anything to see here now, and there never was.

The exciting conclusion to the roster projection is forthcoming.  Stay tuned, folks, and continue enjoying the rest of your Sunday!