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Daily Norseman Readers are Fantasy Football Crazy!

The sign-ups for the 2008 Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League will run through tomorrow, 31 July.  I'm not sure what time tomorrow the sign-ups will cut off, but it will be sometime tomorrow.

The good news is that you, the readers, have come through in spades with your sign-ups for the league.  Based on super-duper secret intel that I've received, as of 5 pm yesterday more people had signed up for the DN Fantasy Football League than any other league in the entire SBNation network, and by a good margin.  Just so that everyone knows what their current odds are, there's a 5-in-69 (or approximately 14:1 for you gambling types) chance that your name will be one of the ones pulled out of the proverbial hopper to join the league.

Now, once again, there WILL be more leagues, as promised earlier on.  However, I didn't expect quite this overwhelming a sign-up, and as a result I'm not sure how many more leagues there are going to be.  In order to accomodate everybody, I would need 5 or 6 more leagues (or more, depending on how the remaining sign-up time goes), and something like that would end up looking like British Premiere League soccer with all the teams flying around.  We'll have to play that by ear as the time gets closer.

But don't let that discourage you from signing up!  There's at least 24 hours left for you to do so.

We'll be back with more later on, folks. . .keep enjoying your Wednesday!