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Monday Night Vikings Link Dump

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Here's a few Vikings' links for you to enjoy this evening, as we're only about two and a half weeks from finally getting training camp underway (thank goodness), and exactly one month away from the Beloved Purple taking the field for their first exhibition game against the Seattle Seahawks at the Metrodome.

-Kelly Holcomb, who you may remember playing quarterback for the Vikings last year (he said sarcastically), has officially announced his retirement from the NFL.  He'll now be working as a sideline reporter for his alma mater, Middle Tennessee State University.

-The folks at Advanced NFL Stats have an interesting little article up about Jared Allen's sack rate and how sacks correlate to winning.  Just a heads-up. . .there's a metric assload of math involved.  (Hat tip:  Pacifist Viking)

-Speaking of PV, he's got a new article up at 10,000 Takes about Dr. Z's prediction of the Vikings winning Super Bowl XLIII.

-This just in. . .Kelly Holcomb has just un-retired.

-The Viking Age has a couple of new stories up. . .one about some quarterback, and one with a video of Darren Sharper giving us a tour of the Vikings' cafeteria.

-If you want to be a Vikings blogger, or contribute to a Vikings blog, submit your application over at Vikings Gab.

-Breaking news. . .Kelly Holcomb has decided to stay retired after all.

(Man, what kind of jerk does that kind of thing to a team and its fans?  Oh, right. . .that jerk.)

-Vikings Valhalla is back after their upgrade.  Go over, sign up, and jump in on the conversation!

-Viking Vixen informs us that E.J. Henderson will be the defensive player wearing a radio in his helmet this season.  Also, the site is still very pink.

-Vikings War Cry has 10 very entertaining random statements about the Vikings.  (I hate to burst his bubble, but I was contemplating a purchase very similar to the one he mentions in his first statement.)

-And Virginia Viking has a post on a subject that I fully intend to speak on tomorrow.  I won't flat-out tell you what it is here. . .you'll have to follow the link.

With that, ladies and gentlemen, I bid you good evening, and I hope to see everyone back here tomorrow!

(Oh, and the Holcomb thing was a joke.  Really.  I shouldn't have to clarify that, but something tells me that I probably should.)