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Adrian Peterson is Pretty Special Off the Field, Too

In case anyone has forgotten that Adrian Peterson is as great a man off of the football field as he is a player when he's on it, you need to check out the latest article by Grandpa Sports over at the Star-Tribune.

The headline alone. . .Peterson Says Poor Outings Were His Fault. . .is surprising enough in this day and age, but what AP has to say to Sid is pretty refreshing to hear.

"I studied the film and I was always amazed on a lot of plays, it was really me," Peterson said. "It wasn't the offensive line not getting a block or anything like that, or anything they were doing really. It was really me kind of hurting myself."

After watching the film, Peterson concluded he simply needed to be more patient and be in sync with the offensive line.

"I was able to take a lot from those tapes," he said. "Just being more patient and learning to play up the gut more."

Yes. . .in a day where the Chad Johnson's of the world are taking swings at coaches at halftime of games and trying to throw their supremely talented quarterbacks under the nearest bus, and guys like Terrell Owens make homosexual slurs towards their quarterbacks when they don't get "their catches," it's nice to see a player actually take responsibility for their own shortcomings.  Particularly a guy as young as Adrian Peterson.  It's things like this that get me that much more excited to watch #28 light up opposing defenses again in 2008.

Back with more later on today, folks. . .if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to Madden '09.  (-: