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Jackson to Possibly Start for Vikings Against Pittsburgh?

Hey, remember yesterday when I said that Tarvaris Jackson's sprained MCL would most likely have him out of this Saturday's pre-season game with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Of course you don't.

waves hand in front of you, Ben Kenobi-style

I never said Jackson would be out on Saturday. These are not the droids you are looking for.

Apparently, Brad Childress is preparing for Saturday's game like Jackson is going to play after all.

Childress said he’s not ruling Jackson in or out for Saturday’s preseason game against Pittsburgh.

“He’s treating it just like he would during a normal game week and the push to Saturday,” Childress said. “That’s an important part of it. Guys don’t always feel chipper the first part of the week when they get dinged up but they find a way to push to Saturday. That’s how he’s approaching the thing. That’s how we’re approaching the thing, to play in Saturday’s game.”

Asked again if that means there’s a possibility Jackson might play Saturday, Childress said: “That’s exactly the way we’re both approaching it.”

I'm not sure if I like the sound of this whole thing. I know the Access Vikings post says that it's still likely that Jackson won't play Saturday, but who only knows what's going on in the mind of Brad Childress. I guess nobody will know for sure until about 7 PM on Saturday night..

I, personally, am of the mind that Jackson should stay out of this one. Yes, I know the importance of the third pre-season game, but I also know the importance of #7 being healthy and ready to go on 8 September as opposed to taking a risk with him on 23 August. What do you all think?

That's all for tonight, folks. . .enjoy what's left of your Monday night, and we'll see you back here for more excitement tomorrow.