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Pimpin' SBNation Blogs Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is Fun

As you're well aware, The Daily Norseman might just be the finest damn blog that covers the Beloved Purple on this entire Interweb of ours.  And as I'm sure you're also aware, it's also a part of the finest damn sports blog network anywhere.  Right now I'd like to take a little time to promote some of SBNation's other outstanding NFL blogs, with an emphasis on those that will have some connection to the Vikings in 2008.

Division Rivals

-The folks over at Acme Packing Company are keeping an eye on some of their players that are nursing injuries, as well as contemplating their "performance" against San Francisco this past weekend.

-Windy City Gridiron is contemplating whether Bernard Berrian was a bad signing for the Vikings.  In a related story, a team that's going to be lining Marty Booker up as their #1 receiver in a couple of weeks is questioning another team's signing of Bernard Berrian.

-Pride of Detroit has an analysis of the Motor City Kitties' performance against the Bengals from this past Sunday.

Pre-Season Opponents

-Behind the Steel Curtain has some observations on the Steelers after their first two pre-season games.

-Blogging the Boys wonders if Wade Phillips is too soft to guide the Cowboys to glory.  (Past precedent may not be an indicator of future performance. . .but yes.)

Regular Season Opponents

-Stampede Blue has a lot of recent stories up about a lot of different matters. . .none directly connected to the Beloved Purple, per se, it's all good reading.

-Cat Scratch Reader has much analysis of Carolina's second pre-season game, a 24-13 loss to Philadelphia

-The Titans fans at Music City Miracles are discussing what they should expect from Vince Young in 2008.  I'd throw in an opinion, but my mother always taught me that if you can't say anything nice. . .

-Canal Street Chronicles has broken down the second pre-season game of the year for the Saints

-The aforementioned Saints game was against the Houston Texans.  As you might imagine, Battle Red Blog has their own take on things.

-Buc 'Em, our Tampa Bay blog, is looking at some injuries to their team, as well as their pre-season victory over New England

-In addition to the standard pre-season fare, the folks at Big Cat Country have put together a review of Madden '09, something that I'll also be doing once I've played around with it some more.  (I'm 2-1 in the first season of my franchise. . .and the one I lost probably isn't the one you'd think I'd lose.)

-The folks at Lambda Lambda Lambda Revenge of the Birds seem to be focusing a lot on their wide receivers, particularly the situation with Anquan Boldin and his happiness (or complete lack thereof)

-The Falcoholic celebrates the release of Joe Horn, among other things.

-And, finally, Big Blue View has a lot of good stuff about the defending NFL Champs, including their stomping of Cleveland the other night (yes, I know the final score was close. . .when the starters were all in, it was a stomping).

Hey, you know what?  Now would be as good a time as any to bookmark all of those fine SBNation blogs so that you have easy access to them when the season comes around and the Vikings are taking on all those teams.  And heck, after that, there's only got to be a dozen or so SBNation NFL blogs left, so feel free to bounce around and bookmark all of those, too.  There are NO bad NFL blogs on SBNation, so you really can't go wrong with any of them.

And that's all for tonight, ladies and gentlemen.  I've got a podcast interview that I'm preparing for tomorrow (which will have a link available immediately after I get word of it being posted).  I've also got to get a Madden '09 review up here eventually, and all sort of good stuff between now and Saturday's nationally televised pre-season game against the Steelers.  As always, we'll see you back here tomorrow, folks!