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And We Are Back!

Well, folks, we got hit with the same problem that was affecting a lot of sites that use the Sitemeter tracking website the past day or two.  Fortunately, it looks like Sitemeter has finally gotten their stuff together on their end, so we're finally back.  Here's just a few random things before yours truly makes his way to bed.

-Still haven't received word yet on when the random spots for the football leagues will be filled.  As soon as I have word on that, I'll be getting the addresses of people that signed up and were NOT chosen, and then I can open up more leagues.  Keep your eyes peeled for that!

(Oh, and I'm working on securing prizes for said football leagues, too.  I can't say what they might be yet, though.)

-There are a couple of new blogs over on the right-hand side there, too.  Luft's Locker Room will take you to Vikings Valhalla, a man known as "CapitalJ" has been providing outstanding reports from Training Camp, and Jason Winter gives us a blog that perfectly describes the long-forgotten Denny Green era. . ."Defensive Indifference."

-On the Viking front, the injury that Marcus McCauley sustained on Thursday turned out to be nothing serious, as he was walking around on his own without problem soon afterwards.  Good for the Vikings. . .McCauley is going to be locked in a heated battle with Charles Gordon and the rapidly emerging Benny Sapp for the nickel spot throughout Training Camp, and it would be pretty terrible for him to have gotten knocked out of the competition because of an injury.

-The Favre saga continues, as he's now contemplating whether or not to accept the Packers' $20 million bribe lifetime marketing offer or seek reinstatement.  The league, in accordance with their policy of kissing the asses of Brett Favre and/or the Green Bay Packers whenever the opportunity presents itself, has dragged its feet ever since Favre faxed in his request for reinstatement last week.

-Still working on the Podcast thing.  The reaction to such a thing was overwhelmingly positive when I threw it out there, so I think I'll be going ahead with it. . .now it's just a matter of determining a time and/or where to go through to do it.  As soon as I've ironed all of that out, I'll pass it along to you.  I'm looking to do a live broadcast every week, but it will be available for everyone that wants to download it as well.

And that's really about all I have for this evening, folks.  Continue enjoying your weekend and, if the interweb is willing to cooperate, I'll be back with some good stuff tomorrow.