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Where Gonzo Asks You Again to Help Him Help You

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Ladies and gentlemen, we've been presented with a very unique opportunity.  The good folks from Football Outsiders, the ones that are responsible for the outstanding Pro Football Prospectus, have granted various SBNation writers the opportunity to ask questions of the writers that wrote the individual sections for their respective teams.

(Check out the link to the Prospectus up there if you're interested. has it for less than $15.  If you buy it from your local book store, you'll probably end up paying at least $10 more after tax and stuff.)

So, naturally I have some questions in mind for Mr. Bill Barnwell, the man who was responsible for the Vikings portion of PFP 2008.  But I'd also like to open things up to questions that any of you might like me to submit to Mr. Barnwell in addition to my own.  So, feel free to use the comment portion of this thread for that.  I'll give everyone a day or so, and then I'll bundle all the questions up and send them off for answering.

Thanks in advance to anyone that puts any questions out there!  We'll be back with more later on this afternoon.