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Tonight's Question: Can Gonzo Swim?


via the National Hurricane Center

See that little dot with the label of "2 PM Sunday" on it?  Mrs. Gonzo and I live just to the south of that one.  (Not IN the Gulf of Mexico, obviously. . .that would just be crazy.)

The rains are expected to come starting sometime tomorrow night or early Sunday morning.  I'm hoping that this thing takes a little more of a northerly track (with all apologies to anyone that lives slightly north of us. . .I acknowledge that my hope is a purely selfish one).

If things are significantly less worse than are currently being forecast, I should be here tomorrow for the Vikings' clash with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  There will be a game thread in any event.  In the immortal words of latter-day American philosopher Ace Ventura, if I'm not here on Saturday. . .just wait longer.

More on the Steelers game tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.  Enjoy the rest of your Friday!