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Minnesota Vikings Cut Four Players; Gonzo Makes Obligatory Rod Stewart Reference

Yes, the first cuts are the. . .crap, I can't even bring myself to do it.  Sorry, Rod Stewart fans.

In keeping with NFL rules, the Vikings reduced their roster to 75 players today by cutting four players.  They only had to cut four because, in case you hadn't noticed. . .and judging from the amount of bandwidth it got here, you didn't. . .the Vikings placed Kenderick Allen on IR a couple of days ago, leaving them with 79 players rather than the standard 80.

The most surprising name that was among the four players cut today was LB Derrick Pope, who the Vikings signed during the off-season as a free agent.  Pope, who played in Miami in 2007, was thought to be the guy that was going to step into the spot vacated by Dontarrious Thomas' move to San Francisco as the primary backup at all three LB positions.  However, he had been incredibly silent up to this point in the pre-season, and with the Vikings' young linebackers showing a world of potential thus far, he got squeezed out of a spot

When I did my 2008 roster projections, I had Pope down as pretty much a lock for a spot.  Swing and a miss there, it appears.  As far as the LBs that are still around, I thought that the Farwell injury was going to be enough to get Erin Henderson onto the final roster, but with Pope being cut, I think he's got to be a mortal lock at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Rufus Alexander make it now as well with the pre-season he's had.

The other three players that were cut were WR Daniel Davis, OT Brock Pasteur, and OT Sean Dumford.  You've never heard of any of them either?  Super. . .let's move on then.

The next mandatory cuts for the Vikings will come on 30 August, when they have to trim their roster down to the NFL-mandated limit of 53 players, after which they can set about assembling a practice squad as well.  The fourth and final pre-season game is on Thursday at Dallas, and there will be plenty of guys playing for their jobs.  We'll be here to cover it, that's for sure.