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Packers Let Vikings Know Favre is "Available"

How quaint.

Also available:  Kate Hudson.  Can we swing a deal for her instead?

Honestly, this whole situation has been a complete joke, from the charges filed against the Vikings by Tamperin' Ted's Travellin' Salvation Show to the way Roger Goodell has catered to the Green Bay Packers ("Hey, these things usually get signed within 24 hours, but I'll put it off for a while in the hopes that you all can work out the details of this bribe") to the 24/7 media coverage of the entire ordeal.

Now, the Packers have apparently come to the Vikings and said, "Hey, Minnesota. . .we're not smart enough to fix our own problems, so we were wondering if you might be so kind as to fix them for us."

The Packers remind me of the grade school bully that picks on people constantly until one of the people he's antagonizing gets a cool new toy. . .then he wants to be best buddies.  The Vikings' reaction should be exactly the same in this situation.  That reaction should be to tell Green Bay to bugger off.

There's absolutely, positively no way that the Vikings should be offering anything for Brett Favre.  The Packers are talking about an open competition for the starting QB job in Green Bay between Favre and Ray Finkle Aaron Rodgers.  My guess is that it will be an "open competition" in the same sense that Cuban elections are "free and Democratic."  The way that Green Bay has conducted themselves throughout this entire thing has shown me, if nothing else, that absolutely nothing that anyone in that organization says can be taken at face value.  For crying out loud, they're saying that they're welcoming Brett Favre back with one side of their mouth. . .and letting teams know that he's "available" with the other side.

Or they could be using their mouth and another part of their anatomy.  Either way.

My stance is the same as always. . .just say no to Brett Favre and, more importantly, just say no to the Green Bay Packers.