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Minnesota Vikings Cleared of All Tampering Charges in Favre Saga

So sayeth Judd Zulgad at the Star-Tribune.

And so endeth Tamperin' Ted's Travellin' Salvation Show.

You know, I wish that I could even act surprised at this point about this development, but the reality is that anybody with an IQ greater than 5 knew all along that Ted Thompson was completely and utterly full of crap here.  Once again, he wanted to do something to take the heat off of him and his complete ineptitude as it concerns the entire Favre situation.

Guess what, Teddy boy?


And you're on it.

To the member known as "TamperingQueens," I'll give you a couple of hours to apologize before the banhammer drops.  It's the least I can do after your abject stupidity made all of us realize how truly lucky we are to be fans of the Minnesota Vikings.

Oh, and anyone that refers to Minnesota's football team as the "Queens" in any way, shape, or form has the mental acuity of a five-year old.  (I'd like to apologize to any actual five-year olds that are insulted by that comparison.)

So, that's the end of that chapter.  Let's let Ted Thompson and the Packers retire to the serenity of their own incompetence and never speak of this again.