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How Today's Games Affected the Vikings

Remember last week when I mentioned the Vikings would be drafting at #23 in the 2009 NFL Draft?  And remember when I said that the only way that could change is if the Vikings, Eagles, or Cardinals made the Super Bowl?

Remember how we all sort of laughed at the idea of any of those things happening?

Well, hey, what do you know. . .the NFC Championship will be contested next week between. . .the Eagles and the Cardinals.

So, since this is the case, the Vikings will move from #23 up to #22 in the 2009 NFL Draft as a result of what happened this weekend.  Right now, the Cardinals sit at #21, the Eagles sit at #22, and the Vikings are at #23.  The winner of this game will go to the Super Bowl, which means they'll pick at either #31 or #32 and bump a bunch of teams up one spot.

Exciting, no?

Check out the folks at the Great Blue North for the most up to date order for the draft.