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Frazier Bypassed For Another Job, Could Still Be Gone Soon

Well, the Vikings won't have to worry about having to face a Leslie Frazier-coached team twice a year any time soon. The Detroit Lions, who were thought to have Frazier among their list of favorites for the job, have hired Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz to be their next head coach.

So Frazier won't get the unenviable task of attempting to turn around the first 0-16 team in NFL history. I'm not sure whether Frazier should be happy about this or not. On the one hand, I'm sure he really wants to be a head coach. . .not to mention that he couldn't possibly jack things up any worse in Detroit than Rod Marinelli did. On the other hand, he doesn't have to deal with the Ford family (who clearly, with all due respect to our friends from Pride of Detroit, don't know a damn thing about football).

Frazier was also, from all reports, considered one of two favorites for the job with the St. Louis Rams, from all reports, along with their interim head coach Jim Haslett. I say "was" because the Rams made the announcement today that Haslett is not going to be retained by the team. Pro Football Talk is reporting that Frazier is now expected to be the guy in St. Louis with this announcement, and that said announcement could come as early as Saturday.

So, like we've been saying all along, folks. . .get ready to lose another good coach. But, hey, at least we've still got Brad Childress and Darrell Bevell, right?

Excuse me. . .I believe I need a drink.