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Co-Blogger Search Finally Nearing Conclusion

In an effort that's taken only slightly less time (seemingly) than O.J. Simpson's search for the real killers, I have finally extended the opportunities for co-blogging to three very worthy Daily Norseman contributors.  I am awaiting their acceptance and/or refusal of the positions before I formally announce who they are.

If you sent in a writing sample and were not selected for this go-around, I hope that you don't feel slighted in any way, and I hope that you will continue to contribute to the site.  As the site grows in size and scope, the call will undoubtedly go out for more contributors.  All of the contributions that I received were outstanding, and it was hard choosing the people that I did. . .unfortunately, there's only so much room on the proverbial longship at this point in time.

I have full confidence that the people I have chosen will help The Daily Norseman continue to evolve and be the standard-bearer that it has become in the Viking blogosphere.  There's going to be more content, more creativity, and more different points of view as a result of these additions, and I look forward to reading their works as much as many of you have looked forward to reading what I've had to say during this site's life span.

There will be more Vikings stuff here shortly. . .I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the co-blogger search had pretty much concluded.  Continue enjoying the rest of your Sunday, and we might even have an open thread here this afternoon/evening to discuss the AFC and NFC Championship Games.  Hopefully we'll see you then!