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Introducing Your New Daily Norseman Front Page Writers!

Okay, I'm still waiting on a response from the third person that I extended this offer to, but I know that these two gentlemen are chomping at the bit to get started, so allow me to introduce the two of them here now.

Your new Daily Norseman front page contributors are ericj69 and AustinVike!  They've been well-spoken members of the community for some time, and their writing styles have impressed me as well as many of you.  I'm sure that, in the near future, the two of them will be introducing themselves to you more thoroughly, and you'll now be seeing their thoughts on the front page of this very website, as well as broadcast through this here Interweb.

So, congratulations to two of our (hopefully) three new Daily Norseman contributors!  I look forward to reading their new material as much as I'm sure you do.

Apologies for the brevity of tonight's update, but yours truly did his annual PT test this afternoon, and I currently feel like someone repeatedly hit me with, to borrow a line from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.  I'm going to get me some Tylenol and some sleep.  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday evening, folks, and we'll see you back here tomorrow.

EDIT:  Now that I've received his response, after my e-mail to him initially went to the wrong address, I'm pleased to announce that andersklassen has accepted the invitation to be the third new contributing writer for the site.  He's been writing over at Viking Vigil for a while, and will now be contributing his insights over here as well.  Welcome aboard!