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Udeze Hopes to Participate in Off-Season Workouts

Awesome, awesome news coming from BKU today, as he says that when the Vikings next get together to practice in April, he plans on being there.

“My goal is when the team gets back together, I’ll be in my jersey and on the sideline with them,” Udeze said in reference to the Vikings offseason program that starts in early April. “If I didn’t feel [positive about] it, I woudn’t be saying it. If something drastic happens, then that is that, but I can bounce back from this.”

Udeze said that his appearance and features have changed enough that teammate Ben Leber did not even recongize him late in the regular season when they saw each other in the weight room at Winter Park. “He did a double-take, that’s how I knew he didn’t know who I was,” Udeze said. “It’s just more or less the chemo finally running its course and getting out of my body.”

Looks like the best defensive line in the National Football League stands to get even better.

I can't even verbalize how great this news is.  I also can't wait to see #95 back at DE for the Vikings in 2009.  Here's hoping that everything works out as well as Kenechi thinks it's going to.  If he's this optimistic, there's no reason for me to have anything but optimism about his comeback.