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Potential 2009 QB Candidates - minus Brett Favre

There's been alot of speculation since the offseason began about who is eventually going to fill the role as QB for the Minnesota Vikings during the 2009-2010 season.

And as recent as yesterday (and, somewhat ironically, just below this story) the words "Brett Favre" came flying out of nowhere, again, much like one of Favre's passes, landing on our front page here at DN.

But just as we've made another interception of a "Brett Favre in Minnesota...LOLOLZ" story, I'd like to cover a few viable options for the 2009 season - which have nothing to do with Favre.

A few names keep appearing as possible candidates to fill the QB role for our Vikings during the 2009 season:

  • Donovan McNabb, who led the Eagles to a (begrudgingly) brilliant win versus our Vikes this past postseason.  Studied under Childress/Andy Reid and is more than familiar with our (alleged) style of offense (aka: Chilly-style).  He's reportedly plotting his exit from Philadelphia and miffed at the on-again off-again rumors surrounding his role in Philadelphia.
  • Matt Cassel, the California kid who hadn't started a game since high school and somehow led the Patriots to an 11-5 record (edit).  And even managed a Week 16 blowout of the Arizona Cardinals, racking up 3 TDs and 345 yds through the air.  We're still waiting to hear if his contract will be renewed by New England (which we'll find out on February 5, 2009). I'd be astounded if New England allowed him to become available.
  • Jeff Garcia, who turns 39 on February 24th, but still manages to show the poise of a veteran QB, and the wheels of Gizmoduck . He even resembles the cartoon character a bit.  He managed to put up a respectable 2,712 yds during the 2008 season, and 12 TDs - starting 11 games out of the season.  Garcia has also been bouncing around the NFL over the past few years, and he hasn't been offered a contract by Tampa Bay for the 2009 season he may become available.
  • Derek Anderson, who I'm adding to the list for the sake of having one more option.  He had an awful year - partly due to being surrounded by an awful team and some bizarre fans (who applauded when he was injured).  He may be a viable option if traded for a high draft pick.  Who knows what that would do for his spirits - escape from Cleveland!
  • John David Booty, who hasn't taken a regular season snap in the NFL yet might actually follow suit with a QB on par with Matt Cassel.  But we don't know, because he hasn't hit the field yet.  At least during the regular season anyway.
  • Tarvaris Jackson, the one we've all come to know and love...or in some cases hate (for me it's love; I like the kid - just think he needs time and a good OL).  He's got a great set of wheels that makes him dangerous when he runs the ball, which also falls inline with our running schemes.  He makes mistakes at terrible times, which some (potentially) great QB's are prone to do from time to time (Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers).  On the other hand, he has made some brilliant plays on the field, albeit sparingly at times.

So here we have what I've dubbed the "Top Candidates" for the 2009 season.  I didn't bother to list Brett Favre because I can't imagine the series of events falling into place that would allow him to wear purple - especially after so many years in green.

There is, of course, the potential that I've missed a name or two, so feel free to submit them for consideration.  And please - no mention of Ingle Martin IV, even if he has the most awesome name ever...