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The Revolution Will, Indeed, Be Televised

Yes, much to the chagrin of Pro Football Talk and numerous others, tomorrow's playoff game between the Vikings and the Eagles will, indeed, be shown on television in the Twin Cities area, just like everywhere else.

Still no update on the progress of playoff ticket sales in Green Bay or Chicago. Hopefully those numbers will be available sometime around. . .I don't know. . .2027 or something. (That's the year 2027, not 8:27 PM for you military types.)

So, needing to get rid of 20,000 tickets over the course of the last five days, the Vikings did exactly that, and apparently did so without any sort of corporate mass purchasing of tickets or anything of that nature, according to Access Vikings.

Of course, anyone with any smarts knew that the game WOULD sell out and that the game would be televised, but that didn't stop numerous websites and thousands of complete nobodies out there from taking this opportunity to insult the Minnesota Vikings, their franchise, their players, and their fans. Three of those four things are almost. . .almost. . .acceptable. The last one, however, crosses a bit of a line.

So, at this point, I'd like to bang out a quick memo to all of the people who ran their mouths about how it might be time to move the Minnesota Vikings or how their fans are "pathetic" and so forth.

Unless the next words out of your mouth are an apology, you should feel free to shut the hell up about Minnesota Viking fans. You've made it clear that you know absolutely nothing about the football fans of Minnesota. I understand that many of you are no doubt bitter that you (along with everyone else in America) will be watching the Minnesota Vikings in a playoff game tomorrow afternoon, because you're still under the mistaken impression that your team is somehow better and more talented than the Minnesota Vikings.

If you're not a fan of an NFC North team, that could be up for debate. If you ARE a fan of an NFC North team, it is not up for debate, because your team had 17 weeks to prove that they're better and more talented than the Minnesota Vikings, and they couldn't do it. That's why our Beloved Purple will be hosting the Eagles tomorrow, and you'll be whining about that fact on message boards throughout cyberspace.

So, seriously, come down off your high and mighty horses and join us commoners down here in the fields. Your team's season is done. Minnesota's season may or may not end tomorrow. But, regardless of whether or not that's the case, the rest of the Vikings' faithful and I will get to see our team play in at least 17 games this season. Only 11 other teams can make that claim in 2008, and none of those teams reside in the NFC North.

Most of you have been wrong about the Minnesota Vikings all season long. . .you were completely wrong about Vikings fans, in this case. . .and I hope that you'll continue being wrong about both for another month or so.