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Hey. . .Remember When

None of the home teams were supposed to win in the first round of this year's playoffs?


In today's early game, the Cardinals, who had looked absolutely awful for most of the second half of this season, shut down Michael Turner and stopped a red-hot Atlanta Falcons team by a final score of 30-24.

In the late game, the Chargers, who got into the playoffs due to a combination of their own hot streak and the Denver Broncos completely falling apart, managed to do enough to beat another red-hot team in the Indianapolis Colts in overtime, 23-17.

The talk all week was how all four road teams were favored this weekend, and this could be the first weekend ever where the four road playoff teams won all four games in the wild card round.

This bodes well, I suppose, for the Vikings. . .since the national consensus seems to be that the Eagles are simply going to show up at the Metrodome tomorrow, and that should be enough for them to thoroughly destroy the Vikings.