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Season's Over: Vikings Fall to Eagles 26-14

Well, the Vikings slugged it out with the Eagles for four quarters.  They let up one big play to the one guy that they couldn't afford to give up a big play to late, and did nothing offensively in the second half.

Overall, however, this was a pretty successful season for the Vikings.  They captured a division championship, fought hard in the first round of the post-season, and have a lot of things to build on going into 2009.

Oh, and for you newly registered Bear and Packer fans that are planning on coming over here just to troll?  Keep in mind. . .regardless of today's result, your team is not as good as our team.  You have nothing to say, and nobody that's interested in hearing you say it.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on a well-deserved victory.  We'll go over the game more tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your evening, ladies and gentlemen, and remember. . .the Minnesota Vikings are the 2008 NFC North champions, and we've had a hell of a time here for the last 6+ months covering it all.