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Don't Forget Sprint's Can't-Miss Plays of the Week!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the folks at Sprint, exclusive providers of the NFL Mobile Live service.

I told you guys last week that you would have a chance to get your hands on a pair of tickets to Super Bowl XLIV every week for the rest of the regular season, and this week is no different, as Sprint has announced their three Can't-Miss Plays from Week 5 of the National Football League season.  The Vikings aren't involved in any of them, but they're all great plays despite the absence of purple.  The three plays that have been chosen for this week are. . .

1)  Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys capping off his huge day with a 60-yard catch-and-run touchdown in overtime to help Dallas knock off the Kansas City Chiefs 26-20 in overtime.

2) Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson taking a pass from Matt Schaub and pinballing his way into the end zone off of three Arizona Cardinals to tie that game at 21.  Houston went on to lose to Arizona 28-21.

3) Running back Ray Rice, who plays for Minnesota's opponent this weekend, the Baltimore Ravens, takes a screen pass from Joe Flacco, nearly gets taken down for a short gain, regains his balance, and ends up with a 49-yard touchdown in the Ravens' 17-14 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Head on over and vote!  The deadline is Saturday at 2 PM Central time to get your votes in and give yourself a chance to win two tickets to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami.  Enjoy!