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From Minnesota to Industry?

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Look at the current most-viewed story on the Strib's website:

The developers of a proposed 75,000-seat stadium east of Los Angeles say they are casting a wide net in their search for a team to play at the venue -- listing the Vikings and six other teams they say are having trouble getting new stadiums built in their current cities.

First, the background on this storyline. Edward P. Roski, a California billionaire, wants to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. So, he's looking to build a football stadium in the tiny city of Industry, which is located just outside of L.A. and has a population of 777. This project has been in the news recently because the California Senate just passed a measure exempting the stadium from state environmental laws, putting the bill on Ahnold's desk. We also now know which teams are being targeted as possible tenants of the 75,000-seat stadium (in addition to the Vikings, the developers are targeting Jacksonville, Buffalo, St. Louis, San Diego, Oakland and San Francisco).

So will the description of Daily Norseman on the sidebar soon change to this?

DN strives to be the best blog about the Industry Vikings on the internet, doing so with a unique blend of insight and analysis, as well as (hopefully) wit and humor. We hope you enjoy the site, and make it your home for Industry Vikings info!

I doubt it. Because Roski is ultimately doing a great service for the push to build the Vikings a new stadium and keep the team in Minnesota. If they're actually gonna build the dang Los Angeles football stadium -- and things are heading in that direction -- then every soul in Minnesota's capital building will be given a swift kick in the behind to get something done. We've had the prospect of a new Vikings stadium ignored and even laughed at by legislative leaders, but the time for games has ended. Both parties have failed to take this issue seriously -- so here's hoping Roski helps them realize that a new Vikings stadium is no joke. Get it done.