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Jared Allen: Michael Oher is an Idiot

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The matchup between Jared Allen and Michael Oher attracted a lot of attention. Of course, there was quite a bit of speculation that Oher would end up in a Vikings uniform, so that added to the intrigue. And whenever a highly-regarded rookie is matched up against one of the league's best defensive ends, you have a nice little storyline.

But if you thought the storyline ended when Steven Hauschka's last-second kick went wide left, you were wrong. Here's what Oher said about Jared right after the game:

"In the second half, I feel like I shut him out," Oher said. "There is nothing really special about him. I think if we played them [in Baltimore], it would make a big difference. The false starts were just mistiming the snap."

Allen offered a calm response yesterday when told about Oher's comments. Today, though, he went off:

"Well that’s just some idiot trying to talk himself up," Allen said. "I beat that dude like a red-headed step child, let’s be honest.  If he was so good why did they have to chip me all day? Ask him that. That's just a rookie trying to build his self confidence up. Besides, you lost and your quarterback spent his whole day on the back of his head until the fourth quarter. That guy [Oher] will watch film today and realize. Everybody else in the world saw me abuse him."

Dang. File this one away until the next time the Vikings meet Baltimore. Some other quick notes:

  • Brad Childress = Mr. Brightside. You may have noticed Chilly saying something to Adrian Peterson right before Hauschka attempted the field goal. I was wondering what reason he'd possibly have to talk to AD at that moment, but as Kevin Seifert reports, Chilly simply said, "We’re going to win this football game right here." And then the Vikings won. Coincidence? I think not. [NFC North Blog]
  • Holy crap, 59-0? And we thought 41-donut was bad. SBNation's fine Patriots and Titans blogs have hometown reaction from this epic butt-kicking. [Pats Pulpit] [Music City Miracles]
  • As Gonzo pointed out, the Vikings are now 2.5 games ahead of both Green Bay and Chicago. After all that happened on Sunday, that's what we're left with -- a strong early-season lead. The Packers shut out the Lions yesterday, while the Falcons beat the Bears. [Acme Packing Company] [Windy City Gridiron]
  • Antoine Winfield confirmed on KFAN that he was having an MRI this morning after getting knocked out of Sunday's game. He was lobbying to return in the second half of the game, so hopefully that's an indication that the injury isn't too serious. At this point, the most we know is that he has a sprained foot and the time of his return remains undetermined. We'll keep you posted. []