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Four Vikings Players to Think Pink on Monday Night

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In a move that I can only describe as "holy crap awesome," four members of the Minnesota Vikings will be sporting pink cleats during this Monday night's home contest against the Green Bay Packers at the Metrodome.

The four Vikings players that will be wearing the pink shoes in order to promote breast cancer awareness are quarterback Brett Favre, running back Chester Taylor, linebacker Chad Greenway, and cornerback Antoine Winfield.

Favre's wife Deanna, as pretty much everybody knows, is a survivor of breast cancer.  Greenway and his wife Jenni each had a grandmother that lost a battle with breast cancer as well.

Many players around the NFL will be wearing pink this weekend in order to increase breast cancer awareness, an illness that has killed 7.6 million people worldwide.  Major kudos to the four members of our Beloved Purple that will be taking up that mantle this Monday night in Minneapolis.