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Where the Daily Norseman Humbly Asks for Your Assistance

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I probably could have included these things in the post with the Vikings' players wearing pink for breast cancer awareness, but I wanted to give it its own quick little posting.  There are a couple of causes that I want to direct everyone's attention to as far as helping those in need.

On a more personal/local level, the Gulf Coast Heart Walk, which I've mentioned on this site before, is tomorrow starting at the old VA hospital in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Hence, if you or anyone you know might have been interested in donating, today would be the last day for you to be able to do so.  My personal donation page is located here if you're interested in donating.

On a slightly larger scale, The Daily Norseman has teamed up with a bunch of other SBNation blogs as part of the Donors Choose Social Media Challenge.  This project collects donations for various school projects in the local area. . .and in this case, by "local area" I mean "Minnesota," since I know that's home for a great deal of you folks out there.  There are various Minnesota school projects on our giving page, and you can see exactly what your donation is going to support.

Nobody necessarily has to donate to either of these causes.  As I said, I just simply wanted to bring them to everyone's attention in case some of you folks out there were willing and able to donate to them.  Thank you for your time, and we'll be back with more Vikings stuff later on.