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Vikes, Chilly Working on Contract Extension

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Hot seat? What hot seat? From Clark Judge:

A contract extension is in the works for Minnesota coach Brad Childress, with a new deal possible within the next two to three weeks.

We knew this was the make-or-break year for Chilly, and it says a lot about Zygi's impression of the team that he would reward Chilly with a contract extension -- perhaps not even before we're halfway done with the season. Judge is getting mixed signals on just how far along the process is between the team and Childress:

Childress is in the fourth year of a five-year contract and was supposed to be under a Win-or-Else ultimatum this season. Well, he's won, and while management does not have to address his situation immediately it appears it will. One source said an extension is so close that an announcement could come early next month, but another indicated that nothing is "imminent."

Judge is right -- the Wilfs would be able to carry their evaluation of Chilly out as long as they'd like, but the report makes it clear that Zygi has seen enough to buy into Childress as this team's coach for the foreseeable future.

More often than not, when you've seen commentary on Brad Childress here at Daily Norseman, the tone has been negative. OK, that might be an understatement. But by now, we've seen that his decision to stick his neck out on the line for Brett Favre has been an excellent one, and you won't see too many people complaining about a coach's performance when his team is 6-0. Still, if Chilly does ink an extension soon, the timing would be interesting.

What say you, Vikings fans?