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Make Your Voice Heard in Next Year's Hall of Fame Voting!

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Alright, if you've been on the site in the past couple of days. . .and judging from the fact that you're reading this, you're here right now, in fact. . .you've probably noticed another poll on the right-hand side of the page here.  It's for the JcPenney/van Heusen "Fan's Choice" voting for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Now, this vote won't have any actual impact on the Hall of Fame voting, but this is the first time ever that the National Football League has ever so much as acknowledged any sort of fan desire in the vote for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Right now, the Vikings' own Cris Carter ranks #3 in the voting, behind Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith.  We know that Cris Carter should already be in the Hall of Fame, and this is your opportunity to cast a vote to let the folks that actually select the Hall of Fame Class of 2010 know as much.  However, there are many other former Vikings that are a part of the list.  If you want to be a total homer. . .and, hey, for something like this, why wouldn't you. . .then here are some of the other names on the list that you could cast your ballot for:

QB Randall Cunningham (currently ranked #10) - One of the most electrifying quarterbacks of his era.  Compiled 29,979 passing yards and 207 TDs during his 16-season career.  Also rushed for 35 scores.

DT John Randle (currently ranked #20) - Fierce interior lineman who totaled 137.5 career sacks.  Led NFL with 15.5 in 1997. Named to seven Pro Bowls (1994-99, 2002) during 14-season career.

DE Chris Doleman (currently ranked #72) - Ranks fourth all time with 150.5 career sacks.  Named NFC Devensive Player of the Year (1992) and to eight Pro Bowls.

S Joey Browner (currently ranked #87) - Selected to six consecutive Pro Bowls (1986-91) and recorded 37 career interceptions.

OT Korey Stringer (currently ranked #112) - Outstanding tackle who started 91 of 93 games from 1995-2000.

And there are many other players that spent some of their career with the Vikings that you can vote for as well.

So, head on over to the site at and check out the voting today!  Again, while the votes here won't actually have any real sway on who gets into the Hall this year, the results will be announced just before the real HoF results are announced.