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Could the Condition of the Heinz Field Turf Play a Role This Sunday?

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Oh, goody, finally an opportunity to channel my inner weather nerd AND talk about football at the same time. It's only taken me three and a half years, but my job and my hobby are finally crossing paths.

Anyway, during my lunch hour today I wandered over to the Weather Underground, one of my personal favorite sources of weather info, to check out what the conditions for the game might look like this weekend. While Sunday looks to be relatively clear and sunny, the day before is an entirely different story.

As of this moment. . .about 5 PM Central time. . .it's raining in Pittsburgh, and said rain is supposed to persist for much of the day tomorrow as well. And, as we've all seen in the past, the playing surface at Heinz Field. . .well, it doesn't drain particularly well.

Oh, one other factor. . .the University of Pittsburgh football team has a game against South Florida tomorrow as well. At Heinz Field. In the aforementioned rain.

There's a very good chance that we could see a bit of a sloppy track on Sunday at the House that Ketchup Built. Who do you think that favors?