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Brad Childress Would Like to Teach You a Lesson

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There's been a lot of teeth-gnashing here, and rightfully so -- it was a tough loss that wasn't lacking in controversy and wasn't lacking in moments that, had things gone another way, could have changed the result. The fact that NFL officials favor the Steelers hardly reduces the disappointment after the loss (kidding...KIDDING).

But there's no time for despair. According to FOX, the "Game of the Year" is coming up this weekend. Sources close to the network tell me that they're not, in fact, referring to the 12:00p contest between the Lions and Rams. Rather, the "Game of the Year" apparently involves some guy returning to some place where he used to play.

So try picturing the following image in your mind. Doing so will make you immediately forget about the Steelers game due to the terrifying nature of this image. With that warning, here goes nothing:

Vikings coach Brad Childress dressed up as a female flight attendant during the team's flight to Pittsburgh on Saturday, ESPN reported. The coach donned a wig, blue nylons and lipstick (framed around his beard).

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported that Childress had warned the team earlier that they're to give the utmost respect to flight attendants.