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Jake Reed Disputes Orlando Thomas' Death

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In the FanPosts earlier today, ArizonaVikingsFan passed along the news that former Vikings safety Orlando Thomas had lost his battle with ALS.  The story has been reported on the Vikings' official website,, and various other news outlets.

Well. . .about an hour ago, former Vikings receiver Jake Reed, who was a teammate of Thomas' in Minnesota, posted the following on his Twitter page:

Attention All............Orlando Thomas is NOT dead!! Thanks for your concern! Please continue to pray for him and his family!

Sufficient to say, things with this story have officially gotten weird.  We'll continue to keep an eye on it and pass along any updates as they become available to the media.

UPDATEESPN's Adam Schefter is now reporting that the story is false, and the story of Thomas' death has been pulled from the Vikings' official website.

Hung up with one of Thomas' friends, who insisted that people who initially reported the death were off base. How, I don't know. But were.

Holy journalistic irresponsibility, Batman.

UPDATE to the UPDATEThe Star-Tribune is also now reporting that Thomas has not passed away.