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Sunday Games Open Thread

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Since the only game that matters this week doesn't kick off until 7:30 pm Central tomorrow, here's a place for everyone to discuss the rest of the games that will be played in the National Football League today.  The only other game of concern to the NFC North will be in the Windy City, as the Chicago Bears will host the Detroit Lions.

And, as mentioned earlier, don't forget to check out Twinkie Town for the best discussion of the final day of baseball's regular season.  There will be plenty of scoreboard watching being done this afternoon, as the Twins try to make some magic on the day of the Metrodome's final regular season Major League Baseball game by beating the Kansas City Royals.  If the Twins can win today, they'll either win the American League Central (if Detroit finishes their collapse by losing to the Chicago White Sox) or host the Tigers on Tuesday afternoon in a one-game playoff to determine who will face the New York Yankees in the first round of the American League Playoffs.