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Cedric Griffin Was Arrested in August

How did this one slip through the cracks? Well, if you needed any indication of the extent to which the media was focused on other aspects of the Vikings this summer, no one seemed to notice an arrest of Cedric Griffin in August for drunken driving. The arrest finally came to the surface today because he was sentenced:

Griffin was arrested on Aug. 30. in Eden Prairie after he pulled his car over to the side of Hwy. 5 because he didn't feel it was safe to continue to drive. Police officers found him inside his car and arrested him.

And so he'll need to perform a couple days of community service and pay a few hundred bucks. But clearly, he did the responsible thing by determining he couldn't continue driving and then pulling over. Getting into the driver's seat to begin with wasn't a terribly smart idea, but fortunately, he didn't hurt himself or anyone else.

This isn't the first time Griffin has been arrested -- he was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct in 2007 after an altercation with some guards at the Spin nightclub in Minneapolis.