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Week Eight Early Games Open Thread

Yeah, sure, why not?

The game thread will be up at around 1:45 Central or so. . .you'll know it by the big, fancy table at the top of the post.  In the meantime, we can discuss some of the less important games. . .i.e. "all of them". . .that will be kicking off at noon.  NFC North matchups will feature the Bears hosting the Cleveland Browns and the Lions hosting the St. Louis Rams in what Jimmy Johnson called the "skim milk game" (since it's only available in 2% of the country).

So, talk about the early games here, and the official Game Thread should be up in just about two hours.

Oh, and amazingly. . .every Fox pre-game analyst with the exception of Frank Caliendo (who isn't really an analyst) has picked the Vikings to beat the Packers this afternoon.  I'm not sure if this is a sign of the apocalypse or not.