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Week 12 Matchup Between Bears and Vikings Moved to 3:15 PM Central

Well, as we mentioned earlier, if everything bounces right for the Beloved Purple, they may have a chance to close out the NFC North division race in Week 12.  If that's the case, the National Football League has given anyone that wants to see it the opportunity to do so.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Week 12 matchup between the Bears and the Vikings that was scheduled for noon Central time on 29 November has been moved to 3:15 PM Central time instead.  Why?  Because, well, apparently Fox didn't have a 3:15 game scheduled that say.  They obviously came to the conclusion that the Bears have been woefully underexposed this season so far, and so decided to put the Bears/Vikings game into that featured afternoon slot.

So, if you had any plans for anything after about 3 PM Central on 29 November, you might want to move a few things around if you can.