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Lions/Vikings Second Half Thread

After a first half where the Vikings dominated the stat sheet, they somehow only find themselves ahead 10-3 against that peskiest of pesky opponents, the Detroit Lions.  The Vikings' lone touchdown came on a ridiculous 22-yard touchdown run by the man pictured on the right there, Adrian Peterson.  Peterson has 12 carries for 100 yards in the first half, but has also been credited with two fumbles (one of which may not have been his fault).  That and the Vikings getting stuffed in the red zone on 4th and 6" by inexplicably handing the ball off to Jeff Dugan have played huge roles in contributing to the Vikings' lead only being 7 points.

Brett Favre is 11/16 for 197 yards in the first quarter of play.  Sidney Rice has caught six of those passes for 145 yards.

Join us here for the second half excitement, ladies and gentlemen!  Remember, our last game against Detroit was close at halftime, too, and the Beloved Purple wound up winning by 14 points.  Let's hope this one takes a similar tack.