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Viking Fans Apparently Stuffing the Ballot Box

For the past few years, fan voting has accounted for 1/3 of the balloting for the NFL Pro Bowl, and you can go to in order to vote for your favorite players (read: Vikings) to play in this year's exhibition.  However, according to the folks at Viking Update, a lot of your fellow Vikings fans are way ahead of you on that front.

Right now, members of the Minnesota Vikings are leading at TEN DIFFERENT POSITIONS on the NFC's Pro Bowl ballot.  Ten, I say.  That's a lot.

As it stands now, Adrian Peterson is the #3 overall vote getter, and Brett Favre is (appropriately enough) the #4 overall vote getter.  Unfortunately, since Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints has the most overall votes, that means that Favre is only second among NFC quarterbacks.

Who are some of the other Vikings that are leading at their positions?  Well, let's take a look. . .

  • John Sullivan is the leading vote getter at center
  • Bryant McKinnie is the leader among offensive tackles (Phil Loadholt is fourth)
  • Steve Hutchinson has more votes than any other guard
  • Naufahu Tahi is the leader at fullback. . .and if you're currently drinking anything, I apologize for making it shoot out of your nose.  But that statement is true.
  • Jared Allen is the pace setter among NFC defensive ends (almost twice as many as second place Julius Peppers)
  • Pat Williams and Kevin Williams are the top two defensive tackles in the NFC
  • Percy Harvin is leading all NFC kick returners in the voting thus far
  • Ryan Longwell is the top NFC kicker thus far
  • And Heath Farwell is the top in the NFC special teams category

Four Vikings hold down the #2 spot at their positions as well.  Those three are punter Chris Kluwe, cornerback Antoine Winfield, outside linebacker Chad Greenway, and guard Anthony Herrera.

Now, will all these Minnesota players make the Pro Bowl?  Certainly not.  Heck, hopefully we won't see any of them in the Pro Bowl this year.  After all, the NFL has changed the schedule so that the Pro Bowl will be played the weekend before the Super Bowl, not the weekend after as it has been for all these years.  Hopefully our guys will have more important things to worry about.