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Vikings/Cardinals Moved to Sunday Night for Week 13

Well, the Vikings have officially had their schedule changed.  Pro Football Talk first broke the story that has since been repeated in several FanPosts here on the site, and that's the story that the Week 13 matchup that will see the Beloved Purple travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals will be broadcast on Sunday night on NBC.

The original game that was scheduled was between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins.

When I did my post a couple of weeks ago about which Minnesota games could potentially be flexed, I cited this one as a game that definitely had some flex potential.  And, apparently, the folks at NBC agreed.  I'm guessing that that's largely because they couldn't a) find a compelling game involving an NFC East team (although Michael Vick's return to Atlanta is on the Week 13 docket as well) or b) find an excuse to give the Chicago Bears another well-deserved prime time appearance.

I'm guessing that this also means that the Week 14 matchup between the Vikings and the Cincinnati Bengals is no longer a flex candidate, since I don't think NBC would feature one of the same teams in consecutive weeks.  Then again, with the Eagles and Giants set to square off on the peacock network that weekend, I wouldn't have expected that game to change anyway.

So, it appears our only other candidate for a flex game would be Week 17 against the Giants, and I still think there's a very good chance we get flexed OUT of our Week 15 matchup against the Panthers, unless Carolina engineers a turnaround in fairly short order.