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Favre Fade Fallacy Finally Found False

So, by now, we've all heard all of the "Favre can't get it done in December" stuff that we expected to hear going into this season. . .how Favre's age catches up with him when we hit the final month of the year and blah blah blah.  Here's a little something that nobody's willing to talk about.

Here are the December and January records of the teams that Brett Favre has quarterbacked over the last decade.

Green Bay, 2000 - 4-0
Green Bay, 2001 - 4-1
Green Bay, 2002 - 4-1
Green Bay, 2003 - 4-0
Green Bay, 2004 - 3-2
Green Bay, 2005 - 2-3
Green Bay, 2006 - 4-1
Green Bay, 2007 - 3-1
New York Jets, 2008 - 1-3

That, ladies and gentlemen, gives Favre-led teams a record of 29-12 in December over the past 9 seasons, and 30-13 if you count his first two December games as a Viking.  That means those teams won games at about a 71% clip.  The last time I checked, that was still pretty darn good.  Particularly when you consider that half of those 12 losses came in games where his team was either flat-out terrible (the 2005 Packers that went 4-12) or when he was injured (2008 with the Jets).

And do you know what all of the teams that I listed above there have in common?

There's not a single one of them that's as good as the team that Favre is playing on right now.

So, if Favre keeps "fading" the way he has in the past decade, the Vikings should have that #2 seed in the NFC playoffs locked up before the season finale, which will be nice.