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Week 15 Non-Viking Games Discussion Thread

Mother Nature has taken her toll on this week's NFL schedule, as a couple of games had to be moved to accommodate the Blizzard of the Century (of the year).  Since we Viking fans will, once again, be waiting all day for Sunday night, we can use this thread to talk about today's games that don't involve Minnesota.

(And, yes, the audio on the YouTube clip sucks.  I wasn't going to use the one from Bears/Packers because. . .well, duh.  Just shut up and stare at Faith Hill, damn it.)

Noon Central Time Games

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills, CBS (DirecTV Channel 704)
Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs, CBS (DirecTV Channel 705)
Houston Texans @ St. Louis Rams, CBS (DirecTV Channel 706)
Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans, CBS (DirecTV Channel 707)
Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets, FOX (DirecTV Channel 708)
Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions, FOX (DirecTV Channel 710)

3:15 PM Central Time Games

San Francisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles, FOX (DirecTV Channel 709)
Chicago Bears @ Baltimore Ravens, FOX (DirecTV Channel 711)
Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers, CBS (DirecTV Channel 712)
Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos, CBS (DirecTV Channel 713)
Green Bay Packers @ Pittsburgh Steelers, FOX (DirecTV Channel 714)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks, FOX (DirecTV Channel 715)

The Niners/Eagles and Bears/Ravens games were originally slated to be noon starts, but had to be pushed back.  It shouldn't negatively affect the Bears, as I highly doubt that they planned on showing up this afternoon anyway.

The Vikings could have the NFC North officially sewn up before they take the field this evening if Green Bay loses to Pittsburgh.  It sure would be nice for the Steelers to get off of the proverbial schnide this afternoon, wouldn't it?

But even if the Packers do win, a Viking victory this evening over the Carolina Panthers will win the NFC North for the Vikings, keep them one game behind New Orleans for the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs, and reduce their magic number to get a first-round bye to 1. . .unless, of course, the Niners upset the Eagles in their game, in which case a win tonight would sew up a first-round bye for the Vikings as well.

So, there you have it. . .discuss all of today's less important action right here.  The game thread will be up about an hour and a half before game time. . .right around 5:45 PM Central.  Enjoy your football Sunday, ladies and gentlemen!