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Vikings/Panthers Third Quarter Thread

Well, the second quarter got off to a bit of a rough start for the Vikings, and the Panthers resumed their drive and wound up scoring on a pass from Matt Moore to Brad Hoover.  However, Ray Edwards blocked the extra point, and the Panthers' lead stood at 6-0.

After the teams exchanged punts and the Vikings got themselves good field position, the Vikings put together what was easily their best drive of the half, moving 41 yards in 6 plays, and capping it off with a bruising 4-yard touchdown run by Adrian Peterson.  Ryan Longwell's extra point was good, and the score stands at 7-6.

A bit of a curious decision by John Fox at the end of the half, though. . .John Kasay came on and connected on a 47-yard field goal, but the Panthers were whistled for a false start.  Rather than let Kasay try again from 52 yards, the Panthers put their offense back on the field, and the subsequent Hail Mary pass was knocked down.

The second half continues here, folks!