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Childress Ripped Offense at Halftime, Favre After the Game

There wasn't a heated discussion, Brad Childress? While Chilly denies that he got into a heated argument with Favre during the third quarter of Sunday's game, Sean Jensen reports that he wasn't pleased with Favre yapping to the media about the dispute. And so this happened after the media had left the locker room:

Interviews with six members of the organization revealed that Childress ripped his offense during halftime Sunday and that he privately unleashed an expletive-laden outburst toward Favre long after the game in the visitors' locker room.

By the way, that halftime rant didn't seem to be too effective:

Childress lashed out at his offense at halftime, after the unit had mustered just 66 net yards and struggled to run or pass the ball.

He cursed, and he called it "laughable" that they consider themselves a Super Bowl team.

One player described the tirade as "entertaining." Another likened it to a parent chastising a teenager.

And then the offense came out for the second half and stunk it up again. But as I alluded to after the game, something that's slipped through the cracks this week is the performance of the defense. Despite the problems between Childress and Favre, and despite the problems with Favre's protection (which ought to be the real story this week, in my opinion), Kevin Williams notes the sloppiness of the defensive effort this week:

We missed some tackles. I think we might have missed 15 tackles in the game.

I don't have the exact missed tackle count, but it captures the problem for this defense. In a game where the Vikings failed to compete, the issue with the defense was simply its inability to do fundamental things.