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Healthy Vikings Head Into Chicago

How about a few bullet points this evening?

  • A short injury report is always a good thing, and this week's injury report released by the Vikings is pretty darn short. Fat Pat is questionable but expected to play, while Steve Hutchinson, Antoine Winfield and Brian Robison are all probable. Chicago's injury report is lengthier.
  • Interesting stat mentioned on Kevin Seifert's blog: The Vikings are 15-2 during the past two years when they send Adrian Peterson up the middle at least eight times, and 6-7 when they don't.
  • Chester Taylor is your latest Viking on Twitter (here's the link), joining Big Mac, Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, and Shank as the team's Twitter-holics. Oh yeah, check out Jake Reed on Twitter too.
  • Percy Harvin is frustrated that he has only returned five kickoffs in the last three games -- because with an average of 28.3 yards per kickoff return (good enough for third in the NFL) and two touchdowns on kick returns, teams just aren't kicking his way. But don't worry: Special teams coordinator Brian Murphy is on the case. He told Sean Jensen, "Yeah, we're crafting up returns for Jimmy Kennedy."
  • Zygi Wilf thinks this whole Childress vs. Favre thing has been blown way out of proportion and will do what he can to persuade Brett to return for another season, reports Grandpa Sports.
  • Windy City Gridiron would like to apologize to the football-viewing public for the Chicago Bears once again being on primetime television. Burning questions of the week for the Bears: Can Jay Cutler top his 7.9 quarterback rating from last week's game in Baltimore? Will Lovie Smith get fired at halftime? Place your bets now.