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Week 16 Open Thread and Viewing Interests

Between the Christmas holiday and the Daily Norseman treating the Favre/Childress "controversy" with all the coverage that it actually merited (not what ESPN decided it should get), it's been kind of a slow week here at the site.  And today is going to make it seem even slower, as we have to wait until tomorrow to see the Beloved Purple in action.  So, we'll use this here thread to talk about today's action.

Some of today's games have a bit more interest and intrigue for Vikings fans than others. . .one in particular.  That game is one of the 4:15 games, and it will pit the Denver Broncos against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Philadelphia is breathing down Minnesota's necks for the #2 seed in the NFC playoffs and a potential first-round bye.  Minnesota's magic number for clinching that #2 spot is 2, which means any combination of Minnesota victories and Philadelphia losses that adds up to 2 will give the Vikings that first-round bye.  The Eagles have been on a roll lately, having won five consecutive games, while the Broncos have been going the opposite direction, having dropped two straight, including an embarrassing loss to the Oakland Raiders at home last weekend.

That game will be on Fox, or DirecTV channel 715 at 3:15 PM Central time.

Here's the rest of Sunday's Week 16 slate:

Noon Central Time Kickoffs

Buffalo Bills @ Atlanta Falcons (CBS, DirecTV Channel 704)
Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals (CBS, DirecTV Channel 705)
Oakland Raiders @ Cleveland Browns (CBS, DirecTV Channel 706)
Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins (CBS, DirecTV Channel 707)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots (CBS, DirecTV Channel 708)
Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS, DirecTV Channel 709)
Carolina Panthers @ New York Giants (FOX, DirecTV Channel 710)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints (FOX, DirecTV Channel 711)
Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers (FOX, DirecTV Channel 712)

3:15 PM Central Time Kickoffs

Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers (FOX, DirecTV Channel 713)
St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals (FOX, DirecTV Channel 714)
New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts (CBS, DirecTV Channel 716)

Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (NBC)

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. . .discuss away!  I'll be in and out for most of the afternoon.  (Hopefully more in than out.)