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Favre's Nephew Leads St. Stanislaus to Mississippi 4A Title

Yes, Dylan Favre, Brett's nephew, had a monster game today in his last game as a high school quarterback, as he led St. Stanislaus to the Mississippi State 4A Football championship.  The Rockachaws defeated the LaFayette County Commodores by a score of 35-16.

Favre played a role in all five St. Stanislaus touchdowns this afternoon, three through the air and two more on the ground.  His five touchdown performance gave him an unbelievable 81 touchdowns on the season. . .yes, eighty-one. . .which, according to the Mississippi Sun Herald, is a new national record.  (I'm still attempting to find some way to verify this.)

As a resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I've had the opportunity to see St. Stanislaus in action a couple of times, and Favre the Younger is an outstanding high school quarterback.  I'm not sure how well he's going to translate to college. . .he's 5'10", 170, which isn't real big by anyone's football standards. . .but he'll certainly get an opportunity somewhere.

Congratulations to Dylan and the Rockachaws on winning the state championship.  Now, here's hoping that Uncle Brett can deliver a slightly larger football trophy a bit farther north.