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A Quick Spin Around the Vikings' Blogosphere

Not a whole lot of news taking place on the Vikings' front at this point.  So, let's take a look around our fellow Vikings' blogs and see what the rest of them are talking about during this long, dark off-season of the soul.

--Access Vikings tells us that the Beloved Purple are about $28 million under the salary cap going into the free agency season, which kicks off on 27 February (two weeks from Friday).

--Speaking of free agents, Capital J's Corner has a look at the Vikings' free agents, and which players will or won't be with the team in 2009.

--Grant's Tomb makes it known who he wants to see quarterbacking the Vikings next season.  (Here's a hint. . .his name rhymes with Deaf Marr-Cee-Uh.)

--Pacifist Viking, on the other hand, is simultaneously less picky and more specific. . .he just wants someone named Matt at QB.

--The Purple Buckeye ponders the true value of draft picks.

--The Ragnarok knows that you've got a fevah. . .and the only prescription. . .is more talk about Matt Cassel.

--Skol Vikes gives us a listing of some of the top free agents this off-season.

--The Viking age highlights the outstanding performances of the Vikings that played in Honolulu this past Sunday.

--Vikes Geek attempts to apply what we saw in the Super Bowl to the Beloved Purple.

--Viking Nation has a bunch of different stories concerning the Purple, including talking about Matt Cassel and the former Green Bay quarterback that shall not be named further until we have real reason to do so. . .and, hopefully, we won't.

--Vikings Vigil is counting down to free agency with a look at. . .get this. . .quarterbacks!

--And Vikings War Cry informs us that Bryant McKinnie was a part of. . .ugh. . ."Lap Dance Tuesday" at a club in Miami.  That sound you heard was my head hitting my desk.

I encourage everyone out there to patronize (with a long "a") all of these outstanding blogs.  It's always nice to get perspectives from other fans of the Beloved Purple, particularly when the news is a bit on the scarce side.

Hopefully I'll have my normal, obscenely early pre-Combine Mock Draft out sometime. . .you know. . .before the Combine.  Look for it in the next day or two.  Until then, keep enjoying the rest of your Tuesday. . .and, if anyone asks, the Vikings are still the best team in the NFC North.