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Just a Quick Update

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm still alive over here.  Been a rather busy week over here as it relates to my day job.  Had a couple of funerals to do with the Honor Guard (and another one to do tomorrow), got to sit on my first ever court martial (not mine. . .as part of the jury), all while working in teaching and PT and all the other fun stuff that comes with doing what I do.  Hopefully, now, things will slow down a bit.

Just a quick something here to let everyone know that the pre-Combine Mock Draft is (hopefully) going to be up first thing tomorrow morning.  The draft is 10 weeks from tomorrow, and the mocks are going to be flying fast and furious before too much longer.  We're going to be having our SBNation-wide mock draft starting sometime in late March/early April, and I'm sure that we Daily Norseman writers will be partaking in many other mock drafts ourselves between now and April 28th.

SBNation's draft site, Mocking the Draft, is back up and running, and will basically be the home for anything draft related.  A mock draft database, player profiles, info from the Combine and Pro Days. . .anything you want to know about the 2009 NFL Draft will be found there.

Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate ericj69.  Our little Eric is really growing up, as he got his first ever hate mail from a mouth-breathing Favre-a-maniac the other day for the post you see below this one.  The same message was sent to Sid Hartman. . .even I have never gotten the same hate mail from somebody as Grandpa Sports, so that's quite an accomplishment.

So, keep an eye out for the pre-Combine mock tomorrow morning, and enjoy your weekend, folks!  And, if you have a three day weekend like I have, enjoy it that much more!